To the Columbia River Gorge and Back.

It started out to be a return trip to Crater Lake. Ashton and I had been there in 1988 staying at the old Lodge. It was the year before the Lodge was shut down because it was so unstable and there was concern that the building would just fall down on its own. Indeed the Lodge looked like it needed to be cleaned and burned. What the Lodge lacked in amenities in those days was more then made up by the incredible beauty of the place and a fine staff of young men and women that invited us to their Halloween Party. Because the Lodge is open for a short season they have staff only Holidays celebrations. We happened to be there in August for Halloween. It was really an honor to be included and we had a wonderful time. We also lucked out and had a room that overlooked the lake. Though it lacked a tub or shower  it had a private toilet and sink and Ashton was able to make a video recording of the sun rise over the lake. Continue reading “To the Columbia River Gorge and Back.”

The Spatchcock Turkey and Other Thanksgiving Musings

Several years ago I decided I just could not face shopping and spending three days cooking another Thanksgiving dinner. It has been been our habit to go to Napa, stay at the Silverado and have our Thanksgiving meal at the wonderful spread they put out. Initially I thought that this  year because of another trip we have planned close to Thanksgiving we should have a quiet little Thanksgiving for a few friends at home so I set out looking for a Heritage Turkey. Our friend Charlie Abowd of Adele’s in Carson City messaged me that he could get one. Somehow … Continue reading The Spatchcock Turkey and Other Thanksgiving Musings

Egg Salad

Egg salad is certainly not the most romantic or exotic of food.  But for me it is one of those dishes that evokes very special memories. New York with my mother. It didn’t matter what part of town we were in. We would take a break from our errands more often then not at some nondescript coffee shop/deli and get egg salad sandwiches on rye with a cup of coffee.  Sometimes the egg salad had chopped celery and or onion. Some places it was chunky, sometimes finely mashed, sometime it contained way too much mayonnaise, some places put in chopped … Continue reading Egg Salad

The Courtship of Bertha and Meyer

Bertha was about 9 years old when her mother and father sent her from Zhitomir to Lodz Poland. Their reason was to keep her out of harms way because pogroms were frequent and also so she could learn a trade.  Bertha’s sister Naomi who was perhaps 14 years old at the time had previously been sent to Lodz and was in charge of looking after her. The sisters lived in a Boarding House School environment where they learned how to sew, cook, clean and do laundry. Yiddish was the common language but Bertha also knew Russian and Polish and could … Continue reading The Courtship of Bertha and Meyer

On the Occassion of Ari’s 50th Birthday. August 8, 2014

The evening of Friday, August 7th was very special. We were at our cousin’s David and Collie Rice’s. They lived on the edge of Old Town in a very cool apartment on the nearish North side nearish to the Lake in Chicago. I just remember it was a great evening. I just remember that I settled down to sleep about 1:30 A.M. and in the next few minutes I was on my way with your father to Saint Luke’s Presbyterian. Just about 8:00 a.m. Saturday morning August 8, 1964 you came into this world. You, who had grown beneath my … Continue reading On the Occassion of Ari’s 50th Birthday. August 8, 2014